These Ninjas on the street

She was really enjoying the motorcycle riding on the street even though we needed to dress up like ninjas and spent like 10 hours everyday on the street, as motorbike is the main mean of transportation to local Vietnamese.

Rain on the street

More annoyingly, once that ao dai gets wet, meaning you are now wearing a transparent presence.

Street hawkers who made the culture

Even the goods they carries probably not a heavy load, but to live a hard life, to support family, children is a burden that they must overcome.

Everywhere you can sleep

In this country, you will never have to be afraid of terrors or terrorism, but, you should hold your iPhone tight.

The fruits paradise

One of the reasons I love my country so much is because I can have all the most amazing fruits in this paradise

Rice is our value

Vietnam is an agricultural country with eight out of ten Vietnamese living in rural areas and making their living by growing rice.

Ao Dai is my hate and my pride.

Walking on Vietnam streets during the school year and you will likely witness dozens of beautiful Vietnamese girls gliding past on bicycles wearing pristine white flowing garments.

Bun thit nuong, an artwork from the color to the taste

Bun thit nuong is a simple meal from Vietnam consisting of cold rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with hot barbecued pork. Served with nuoc cham sauce, it is a good summer dish — light, lowfat, healthy and cool.