Bun Bo Hue is just too yummy to have just 1 bowl

Any good cook will tell you that soups are a labor of love. Generally, they take time and a little bit of effort, but like any thing that is worth waiting for, they are absolutely heartwarming. Soups, especially noodle soups, are my go to bowl of comfort. I love the combination of textures (solid and liquid, squishy and firm), the slurping, the messiness, the fun, the satisfaction.

But, the thing about good soups is that they can be elusive. Sometimes you don’t even know they exist. Case in point: bun bo hue, a spicy Vietnamese noodle soup that is absolutely addictive.


When I was 10, I got to have bun bo hue at a very poor restaurant like a shanty, but the taste embed to my memories. The favors spicy, sour, salty, and sweet are all at once just like all aspects of life. This is also a significance of Vietnamese food which is reflecting genuinely stories about people and land.

That shanty restaurant back then is now very famous and no longer punk, yet, still demonstrates boldly signature architecture of Vietnamese street stores.

bun bo hue 330
Bun Bo Hue 330 Phan Dinh Phung St, Phu Nhan Dict, Ho Chi Minh City

Bun bo hue’s beef and pork based stock’s main flavor is the delicate herbaceous of lemongrass. The rice noodles, are cylindrical and round, slippery and firm. The brisket is tender and the garnishes add the freshness you expect when eating a bowl of Vietnamese food. Vietnamese noodles is famous for fresh herbs and vegetables attached. With this particular soup, it goes with bean sprouts, lettuce, water spinach, and especially banana flower.

banana flower
Banana flower vegetable

Every time my aunt-in-law cooked bun bo hue, it was a challenge for me to have just 1 bowl. It’s too yummy to resist such a beautiful spicy beef noodle soup.


Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food and recipe.


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  1. Vietnamese food ❤️

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    1. Anna Vu says:

      Sounds like you very like Vietnamese food ^_^
      Which one is your favorite?


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