Bun rieu, the soup of the paddy rice field.

This is one of the most beautiful national dishes that I should have loved it earlier. If only I could realize the intensive flavor and hard efforts put in to make it when I were in Vietnam, I could have had it everyday. Only when I’m far away from my home town, I deeply know how nice the country-side flavor of bun rieu is, and you only can try that best taste in Vietnam.

This crab noodles soup can feature either sea crab or rice field crab. It’s interesting how you find and catch crab in rice field, however, that actually is the traditional ingredient of the soup. The reason why in other country like Australian or America, we use sea crab instead because it is hardly find paddy rice field. Not only is it primarily crab base, it has a unique tomato soup base, giving it a lovely red color.



Another major component to this soup dish is the broth. While you might think the broth is seafood base since it highlights crab, the broth traditionally used is actually pork bone broth because Vietnamese love their pigs. You can have your pork stock made by buying pork bones from the butcher and slow cook them in a giant pot with water for approximately 2 hours. Although most of the dishes I introduce in this blog called noodles soup, we actually have many different types of noodles that particularly suits different soups. Specifically, this crab soup goes with rice vermicelli noodles which are very round and well-kneaded.

In fact, people not only use field crab, but also other meat types to make this soup such as sea crab, eggs, shrimp, to create different flavors and create new taste on the original recipe basis.

Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food and recipe.


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