Hot vit lon is absolutely a delicious challenge!

Caution: This street food’s recipe is very creepy and is not for those who are fragile and vegetarians.

For the rest of the audience, please ignore my first cation note.

Have you ever tried this? If you haven’t, you definitely should because it is delicious!

Hot vit lon or balut (Half-hatched Duck Egg) is common food in some Southeast Asian countries. It’s a delicacy in Vietnam, as well as a nutritious food that my mother says is a great restorative for women who’ve just delivered. Indeed, hot vit lon is full of nutrition (each has about 190 calories and offers 14 grams of protein and tons of B-carotene, calcium and other good stuff) so in circumstances where protein is in limited supply, it’s quite a godsend. It was voted to be one of the most scary food in Vietnam by the Lonely Planet.

As you can see, the hot vit lon  has two particular parts, one is yellows and one is kinda white. As a kid, I had never eaten the white part because I knew that actually is the baby duck. Unlike my cousin, she really enjoyed eating it, she even talked to the baby duck before she….

Unfortunately, I grew up eating it, I felt in love with this creepy food for the whole time of my childhood. I even could eat 2 eggs at once and I still remember how yummy it was. I’m telling you about me enjoying hot vit lon for the time I was in Vietnam, as now I don’t feel eating it anymore, despite that fact that it’s delicious!

The eggs are often hot when served. To eat them, I wrap a paper around the smaller, pointy end. Then I use a spoon to crack the broad of the egg and remove a part of the shell. I then break the membrane and suck up the broth juice of the egg. I continue to devour the rest until it’s all gone.

Some people swear that the duck fetus cannot be enjoyed unless there is some rau ram (Vietnamese coriander leaves). I believe it is because rau ram has a bit of a spicy after taste which is supposed to provide heat to contrast the coldness of the egg: a bit of yin-yang theory in Asian cuisine. Additionally, there should be some salt mixed with ground-up pepper and a dash of lemon juice. People sometimes drink beer with it also.

Again, I’m addressing, please ignore the first caution and my changing eating habit. If you haven’t tried this yet, you definitely should because it is delicious!


Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food, recipe and where to eat.

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  1. Lien Verdeprado says:

    There is also balut here in Philippines, but only boil balut with salt and vinegar. I love most the ‘hot vit lon’ with tamarine sauce (or butter sauce). Nothing can compare with that…yum yum..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anna Vu says:

      I love Hot Vit Lon in tamarine sauce too, sour then sweet, can’t resist. You have just reminded me the topic for my next entry, “Hot Vit Lon in tamarine sauce”!


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