A beautiful addiction- Vietnamese seafood

Most street food in my country is binh dan, meaning simple, cheap, easy, anyone can cook. Especially, I fall in love with seafood. There are many kinds of them and ways to process. One of them is basil clams. And my favor is steamed basil clam with lemongrass and chili.


Although we don’t have winter, yet, December somewhat has the time of the season when it feels like 19 degrees, and having this dish in cold days will bring an amazing feeling. For those who are not seafood lovers, you are definitely will fall in love with this, because with the unique flavor and taste from lemongrass, and basil, the seafood recipe below will bring you a different feeling toward seafood.  It’s perfect to eat whenever you want, but my suggestion is on the streets of Vietnam.


Can you imagine how fresh the seafood you can get from fishermen in the morning on the beach, as soon as they come back from the ocean. You can even feel the salty smell of the sea.


My fav beach city is Vung Tau, which is two-hour drive (or ride) from Ho Chi Minh city, where I can have all sorts of super fresh seafood, beautiful cooked, and at the so-called “street-food price”. Of course, for those who would want to dress up and enjoy seafood in a restaurant, there are also high-class restaurants serving street-food in a luxury level that will definitely satisfy you.


Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food, recipe and where to eat.


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