Clams cooked rice

Com hen was a very popular low-priced specialty dish used to be enjoyed by the commoners in Central Vietnam, Hue. But it’s exquisite and wonderful texture and taste could not be kept hidden for long from those who crave for great food.  These days, people from many regions find com hen refreshing and simply irresistible. 
Com hen is simple yet an intricate dish that fuses together a variety of flavors from clams, fried pork fat, clam broth, roasted peanuts, crunchy rice cracker, chilli pepper, banana flower, star fruit or crisp, juicy and tart Granny Smith apples which make it perfect for com hen, mint herb, Vietnamese coriander (rau ram), taro stem, fermented shrimp sauce and room temperature rice. 
These ingredients culminate in a distinctive balance of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and spiciness with  two separate crunchy textures. It’s sure to give your taste palate a workout! And once you’ve had a bowl, you couldn’t help but ask for  more.

Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food, recipe and where to eat.


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