Frozen meat in frozen days

Frozen meat is a typical food of Northern Area. However, it is considered one of most Traditional Vietnamese Food due to it has a long history and existing every Luna New Years’ time and as Luna New Year or Tet Holiday is an important and sacred time of Vietnamese people. The main ingredient of this style of food is pork (and/or chicken). The making of this food is easy, but it is quite weird.

In the traditional way, people in the North cook it till the meat is soft to the bone and then put the pot outside the door for one night. Remember to close the cap carefully, do not let anything go inside it. It gets frozen thanks to the essence of the land, the sky, the cold wind, and the dew. At the next day, you will have a delicious frozen food. This practice is very nature as the weather in the North during this time of the year is as cold as in the fridge. In the cold weather, frozen meat becomes tastier.



On the surface of the frozen meat pot, we can see a layer of fat in white as snow mixed with the smooth yellow as a peaceful lake. A piece of frozen meat served with a pickled onion makes the true Northern Tet.

Not only Tet holidays, Vietnamese people consider this food as daily dish thanks to its convenience and duration. In busy daily basis, Viet family can make this food and have for couple of days. As other Vietnamese food, this dish will be deeply tasty if you have it with fish sauce and pickle onion or pickle vegie.


Keep in touch! Give me a buzz if you would want to discuss more about the food, recipe and where to eat.


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