Rice is our value

From the past, Vietnamese is known as a laborious people. We are characterized by toilsome effort to the point of exhaustion in anything we work just to earn the living. Yet, our living had long been being miserable. Therefore, we treasure every little food we made even just a grain of rice.

CC BY 2.0

Vietnam is an agricultural country with eight out of ten Vietnamese living in rural areas and making their living by growing rice. We value all aspects of rice, indeed, nothing is wasted in rice processing. It can be turned into everything from paper to pudding. It’s steamed, puffed and flaked. It can be used to make noodles, wine, cosmetics and cooking oil. While the kernels are eaten, the stalks are made into a straw and used for making sandals, hats, baskets, ropes, brooms and thatched roofs. The hulls provide fuel and fertilizer.


Rice also goes along the way with Viet’s life no matter in happiness or in sorrow. We always know about such touching story as a father sells all his rice in the farming season to have just enough money for his son to go to university in the city. Rice reflects the beautiful values of Viet people from their family to the society. Rice, to Vietnamese people, is much much more than traditional daily meals.


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