The fruits paradise

Okay so this one could be my fav entry ever! Fruits, my love!

Ben Thanh market


As a tropical country, apart from few scorching months, Vietnam is well-known for fruits and beaches. One of the reasons I love my country so much is because I can have all the most amazing fruits in this paradise. It even doesn’t matter if I will get some spots on my face afterward, obviously because tropical fruits create the inner heat.

I really don’t want to a have 10-page entry, so I just can list down some significances that you could note down to your must-try food list. Each type of fruit will have its own season in the year, I’ll let you know when is the best time to have them.

  1. Chôm chôm – Rambutan
    My fav, super cheap, from can be found everywhere in southern Vietnam from April to June.
  2. Mít – Jackfruit
    People said jackfruit season falls in July and August. To my knowledge, I can have jackfruit anytime in the year as my dad brings it home from his friend’s house very often. So I think you can do so as long as you have a jackfruit tree in your back yard.
  3. Măng cụt – Mangosteen
    This is the Queen of fruits. I’m going to tell you which one is King soon.
    Mangosteen is just so beautiful as its name and how it looks. Also, picking the good mangosteen is very tricky, and even you have experience, you will probably not get 10/10 good ones. I actually have a tip for you, yet, you still need a bit of luck.
    When you turn the mangosteen up-side-down, look at the bottom of it, you will see a symbol like a flower. One flower’s petal stands for one piece of a mangosteen. So it’s better to get the ones with even and small petals, also, when you press it, it has to be somewhat evenly soft. You can find mangosteen from May to August in the south of Vietnam, and because it’s the Queen, so probably not so cheap.
  4. Bòn bon – Langsat (lanzones)
    This is just beautiful and especially, it’s rare. Meaning, you probably need to go to central market to find the good Langsat. Because of its rareness and the singular taste, its price is usually a bit higher than other more popular fruits like rambutan, jackfruit, ect.
  5. Vú sữa – Starapple
    It is literally called Milky Breast. Indeed, by the first touch of your spoon, you will see the milky white sweet and beautiful water come out from the fruit. In Vietnamese folk story, we tell the children that, there was a mother sacrificing herself to become a tree and have the fruits with milk for her child to survive the poverty. Starapple is easy to be found during February and March in Southern Vietnam.
    by The Sloths
  6. Vải thiều – Lychee
    One of the most famous ones not only for the taste, but also for the scent. But be careful, don’t eat too much even though it’s super yummy, unless you don’t mind some red dots on your face the days after. Lychee peak season is around June.
  7. Sầu riêng – Durian
    Here comes the King. Durian is called the King of fruits my Vietnamese people. Because of the very special smell, it is famous for both the dislike and the love. Some say it’s stink, some say it smells so good. I think for those who said it’s stink, please stay the same and do not try it unless you want to break your words. Because once you try it, you will definitely fall in love with this amazing fruit. The downside of it, maybe just to those who has high inner heat, is it causes the body heat increased. Durian season is during July and August.

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