Crazy traffic is one of our lovely cultural features

I’m very scared of the tight traffic and packed streets in Vietnam, at the same time, I find it very interesting for visitors when they come to out country.

All of my friends who had visited Vietnam, 100% mentioned the traffic. Some say it’s funny, some say it’s insane, yet, they see it in an interesting way.

There is no where else you have a chance to dress up like this whenever you go out on your motorbike.


No-one would recognize you in this so-called protective street costume. So, this is such a good place to hide yourself.

Or meet these incredible riders on their super-loading vehicles.

What would you do when you spend couple of hour on the street in rush hour. It’s better to turn your engine off to save fuel. That’s what we always do, even when we just wait for the 60s red light.

Image by Creative Commons

With this sort of traffic, you would be super surprised finding your own way to cross the road, when millions of bikes are striking you.

Image by Creative Commons

Someone has found himself the coolest experience in crossing the street in Vietnam, by keeping looking down to his phone and just…let it go. Check out his reality video, and ask yourself if you would be willing to try that next time.


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