Rain on the street

When I was little, rain is something very interesting and playful, because I had lots of fun to do in the rain like walking with an umbrella, taking a shower shower (shower in the rain), play soccer, and also other reasons, including my private tutor couldn’t make it through the rain to come to teach me.

Image by Dang Khoa via http://www.nhsqnam.com

But, I remember when I was in high-school, rainy season is my hate, because of the annoying water-absorbing feature of my uniform, which is ao dai. More annoyingly, once that ao dai gets wet, meaning you are now wearing a transparent presence. I’m sure you are expecting me to describe more and show some photo, unfortunately, I would hold it back here.

Image by http://www.baomoi.com

Another thing happens when it’s raining and after the rain is the transformation of  the street into a river. It’s like there is no way for water to get out of the way. So, cars and bikes, please share the zone with water. Afterward, the rain will cause the very terrible traffic can take people up to 3 hours to escape from the pack.


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