Your family is in your hand

One of the most beautiful value in our culture is having the high responsibility of each member towards their family. The older you are, the more responsible you’re supposed to be. For instance, the eldest brother or sister would take care of their younger siblings and also help their parents.

That frame of mind has formed the family-oriented Vietnamese people. To us, our family is the always the priority. In fact, we always educate and encourage children to study for the future of their own sake. However, my mindset was framed like, I studied because my parents wanted me to, and to make my parents happy, I would study very well. Actually thanks to that mindset, I had passed all of my school years so well, and I did make my parents proud. That is about my bright childhood.


This value is still going along with me until now, as a desire. I wish my younger brother will have a bright future and a better life, thus, I’m motivated and working very hard now to save the good for my brother in the later years. This is not something that my parent expect me to do so, or my brother expect me to do so for him. It just comes out from the inside of me as my love for my family. Also, as my older brother has already played a nice example for my to copy from, in order words, it’s the traditional culture.


Now, my parents keep themselves entertained by raising these cuties because I’m not staying close to them.


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