These Ninjas on the street

My trip to visit my family in Vietnam in July 2016 was a quick one and I took my Australian aunt with me. She was really enjoying the motorcycle riding on the street even though we needed to dress up like ninjas and spent like 10 hours everyday on the street, as motorbike is the main mean of transportation to local Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese are extreme hypochondriacs – maybe a hangover from French colonial rule as the French are similarly paranoid? So the masks are designed to protect from germs, dust, pollution and the sun.

But wearing masks at different places has different purposes. I’ve even seen people wearing them on buses, even on planes and in the office. Those who wear mask on buses or planes, or cars, because they believe that might help them avoid carsick, airsick, etc., as the air-conditional in those vehicles smells not so comfortable. About those who wear ones in the office, simply because they are sick. To my opinion, once you’re sick and don’t want to be a virus distributor, you’d better to stay inside your room rather than going out and scaring people that way.

Anyway, I still very enjoyed how my cousin tried to get her cutie chubbie bum on the bike and hope you will like these roller-coaster on bike:


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