“I always venerate the Vietnamese food”

-the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay

How do foreigners feel about Vietnamese street food?

Many tourists visiting Vietnam have stated, “Vietnam is the street food paradise. There is nowhere in the world you can find such beautiful food with unforgettable taste.”

The CNN has written about Vietnamese Cuisine, ” America had invented moving restaurants, but Vietnam is the street food paradise.”

The fascinating food is the one that costs lowest and is served simply on the street or in the flea market. In this small country, they make food like that, simple but subtle. Every town or even every village has their own speciality.

Vietnamese cuisine is getting much enough attention to be in the world top 10 street food most recommended places, and to be suggested in the Lonely Planet.

It is my privilege to introduce to the world my traditional culinary culture which has been established for more than 1,000 years, at the same time, bring you to the journey to explore Vietnam, beautiful country and people.

About me? I’m just a simple small girl with a giant heart towards my culture, and my home-mom-cooking food. I hope to bring a little love the world of yummy and healthy food, and I believe nice food made by nice people, and nice people made from nice food.

“The recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe”

-Thomas Keller